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Reverse Osmosis Service

Our complete Reverse Osmosis service insures your system is working to factory specifications.

Water Softener Service

Our softener service includes system inspection, sanitation, and programming tie insured that everything is working.

Garbage Disposals

When you garbage disposals begin to wear out, we can service or replace when the time comes.

Plumbing and Main Line

Installation and Repair, Preventative and Maintenance Programs, Faucets and Water Line Repaired and Replaced.

Annual Maintenance

Drinking water maintenance will insure your drinking water will provide you with great tastings water all year long.

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Hero Whole House Water Treatment System 2.0 CuFt

Hero Benefits

  • Helps eliminate dry skin and scalp
  • Soft, silky, hardness free water
  • Cleaner, shinier dishes and silverware and scale-free plumbing fixtures
  • Makes cleaning easier, saves you money on soap and detergent
  • Eliminates water contaminants
  • Wash your vehicles and recreational toys with hardness free water to help eliminate spotting


Portable Water Softeners

These are the perfect fit for any RV/Marine model, the Desert Mountain Water LLC Portable Standard Water Softener & Conditioner is one of the most compact and user-friendly softener/conditioner on the market!

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Portable Water Softener 12K Tall Portable Water Softener 6K Portable Water Softener 12K Wide'

ProSeries Reverse Osmosis Features

Stage 1: Sediment Filtration
This filter removes the dirt, sand, rust and other physical particles.

Stage 2: Carbon Filter
This filter removes the chlorine, chloramines, foul tastes, odors and chemicals.

Stage 3: Carbon Filter
This filter removes the chlorine, chloramines, foul tastes, odors and chemicals.

Stage 4: 50 GPD Membrane
Removes up to 97% of the total dissolved solids and contaminants.

Stage 5: Post Carbon Filter
Removes the dissolved gases, tastes, and odors from the holding tank water.