Water Quality Problems

Water Quality Problems

Water Quality Problems-Symptoms-Recommended Equipment

Hardness-Mineral deposits on dishes and glassware; stiff, dingy laundry; high soap usage and need for
fabric softeners; dry, itchy skin and scalp; unmanageable hair; extra work to remove soap curd on
bathtubs and shower stalls; high energy costs due to scale build-up in pipes and on appliances-Water Softener.

Chlorine, foul odors and tastes-Chlorine taste; foul odors; damage to hair; itchy skin.Back washing filter using activated carbon.

Iron & Manganese-Unpleasant metallic tastes; rust particles; staining on plumbing fixtures; red water; odors-Iron filter.

Turbidity-Cloudy water; sediment, sand, silt and rust particles-Media filter

Acidic water (low pH)-Green stains on bathroom sinks and other porcelain (surfaces; blue green water. (Acidic water may cause corrosion of pipes & plumbing fixtures.)Acid neutralizer using Calcite.

Tannin-Brownish, tea colored water; musty odors-Tannin filter.

Arsenic-A naturally occurring element found in ground water, Arsenic is a carcinogen at high concentrations, and the EPA reports Arsenic may cause adverse health effects in low concentrations. Testing for Arsenic is highly recommended-Arsenic Reduction System.


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