TDS-3: Handheld TDS Meter with Carrying Case

The TDS-3 is an ideal meter (tool) that can be used for many applications; Use with water purification, hydroponics to industrial waste water treatment.

TDS-3 Features

  • Hold Function
  • Auto-off Function (After 10 min.)
  • Built-in digital thermometer
  • Includes a carrying case with belt clip
  • Factory Calibrated with a 342 ppm NaCl solution. (Meter can be recalibrated with a mini-screwdriver).

Reasons to own a water softener:

1. Saves money
2. Saves scrubbing time
3. Less work when cleaning
4. Safe for septic tanks
5. Clothes are softer
6. Clothes are cleaner
7. Clothes last longer
8. Dishes are cleaner
9. No spots
10. Windows and mirrors shine
11. Cars shine
12. Luxurious bubble baths
13. No soap scums
14. No bathtub rings
15. Hair more manageable
16. Hair softer and shinier
17. Easier to shave
18. Hot water heaters last long
19. Saves on hot water fuel bills
20. Saves on faucets
21. Saves on ice makers
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23. Washing machines last longer
24. Dishwashers last longer
25. Swamp coolers last longer
26. Humidifiers last longer
27. Skin feels softer
28. Saves on lotions
29. Saves on body oils
30. Saves on harsh cleaners
31. Saves on fabric softeners
32. Saves on dish & laundry soap