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Our company is locally owned and operated in Phoenix, AZ, USA.

We provide service to the entire Phoenix metropolitan area, as well as Casa Grande, Maricopa, and Florence.

Our phone lines are open Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM Arizona time.

Service appointments are available Monday through Friday starting at 9:00 AM Arizona time.

Please contact our Customer Service team for a general estimate, or to schedule an on-site quotation with one of our technicians.

In-person shopping and consultation is available at our Mesa Marketplace location only. Our main office does not offer in-person retail services. Visit our Mesa Marketplace tab for more information.

Reverse Osmosis filtration systems require annual maintenance in order to perform their best and provide you with the purest possible drinking water. Filters that are not changed annually will result in buildup inside of your Reverse Osmosis system, causing lower overall performance. This can lead to unclean drinking water, as well as faster degradation of the system, R.O. membrane, and internal components. Systems that have not been serviced annually may not be covered under warranty.

If your Reverse Osmosis system has leaked, your leak controller should automatically turn the system off to prevent further damage. If there is no leak control system in place, turn the system off via the small blue and white valve attached to the water line.

If your water softener has begun leaking, bypass the system. Bypass valves vary – generally, there are knobs or a “plunger” style bypass on the back of the softener valve (top portion of the system with a digital screen.)

Call us ASAP to schedule emergency service.
(602) 774-0981

Some customers choose to do their annual filter change service themselves. We can sell you the filters and filter bowl wrench required to complete this service. Please note, self-service is not covered under your system’s warranty.

Return Policy

Installed systems are not eligible for returns or exchanges. All sales are final upon completion of installation by a desert mountain water technician.

online orders have a return window of 30 days from the date of receipt. products must be new and unopened. systems purchased online or shipped directly must be unopened and not previously installed. please contact if you have an issue with an online purchase.

Warranty information

Desert Mountain Water offers a 30-day workmanship warranty on any services, and a 1-year installation warranty on any new systems. System warranty duration varies by product – all systems are covered under standard manufacturer’s warranty. Please see the product page for your system for further warranty information. If you system was not purchased from Desert Mountain Water, please contact the manufacturer.

Please see the product page for your system, or contact our Customer Service Department for additional assistance.

If your system was purchased from Desert Mountain Water, and it is still under warranty, please contact us to schedule a warranty service call.

System failure if home water pressure is found to exceed 80 PSI. Workmanship, parts replacement, installation, or re-installation by any company other than Desert Mountain Water.

Cant find an answer? ask our team!

Shipping & online orders

Shipping carriers and methods vary, please check your tracking number for more information.

Transit times are determined by each shipping carrier. Please check your tracking number for an estimated delivery date.

You will receive an email with tracking information.

If you have received a tracking number, but it has not yet updated, it means that the label has been printed but the carrier has not yet accepted the package.

If your package is already accepted, but tracking has stopped updating in transit, it generally means that the carrier is moving the package through their network. Shipping carriers do not always scan each package on every step of the journey, so there may be a delay in between updates as the package moves.

Standard business days are Monday through Friday. Some shipping carriers only operate on these days.