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outdoor cooling made easy

Stuck inside in the summer heat? Misting systems provide evaporative cooling for your outdoor space. Business owner? Don’t let those patio tables go to waste this summer! Misting systems can drop the ambient temperature by up to 30°F! Desert Mountain Water installs and services outdoor misting systems for residences and businesses across the valley, contact us today to schedule a site visit.

custom misting systems to suit your needs

Turn your vision into a reality! Every system is customized to suit the space you want to cool. Powder-coated misting lines are even available in a variety of colors to match your paint!

frequently asked questions:

  • How do misting systems work?
    Mist systems use a pump to drive high-pressure water into lines secured to the outside of your home or business. The high-pressure water is atomized through specialized nozzles, creating micro-droplets of water that provide an evaporative cooling effect.
  • What is evaporative cooling?
    As water evaporates, it removes latent heat from surrounding molecules. This is especially effective in Arizona’s hot, dry desert climate, where water flash-evaporates in the summer.
  • How much will it cost?
    Pricing varies widely based on the size of your space, but on average the price for a whole system starts around $5,000* for a smaller, residential location.
    Mist start-up and shut-down services are recommended in the spring and fall, contact us for our 2024 rates and scheduling.
    *Please note that we are not able to quote misting systems over the phone or via email. A site visit must be completed by a Desert Mountain Water representative.

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