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The environmentally-friendly, NO SALT solution to your water quality problems!


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E-Treat Tank-in-Tank System with OneFlow Anti-Scale Media, Carbon and Non-Electric Valve is a water conditioning system using no-salt technology. Unique tank in tank design, with 2 cu. ft. of coconut shell activated carbon in the outer tank for chlorine, taste, and odor reduction, and OneFlow anti-scale media in inner tank. Ideal for flow rates of 12 gpm. Includes non-electric valve and bypass.

ETREAT™ Water Conditioning System Features

  • No salt or chemicals required
  • Scale reduction reduces bacterial growth
  • Combines water conditioning and scale reduction in one system
  • Coconut shell activated carbon filter reduces chlorine and improves water taste and odor

ETREAT™ Water Conditioning System Benefits

E-TREAT™ water conditioning systems use NO salt, consume NO water, require NO electricity and provide great tasting, high quality, conditioned water to every tap in your house.

  • No salt (saves of 650 pounds of salt per year)*
  • No wasted water (saves 6,000 gallons of water per year)*
  • No chlorine, bad tastes, foul odors
  • No electricity
  • No scale**

The environmentally friendly NO SALT solution to your water quality problems!

E-Treat® systems combine two technologies in one compact design to provide great tasting, high quality, conditioned water to every tap in your house for whole house water treatment.

The Two Step Process

Granular Activated Carbon
Step #1
Granular Activated Carbon During step one, we use granular activated carbon to remove chlorine, tastes, odors and organics from your water for whole house treatment.
E-Treat® Anti-Scale Media
Step #2
E-Treat® Anti-Scale Media During the second process, our proprietary E-Treat® Anti-Scale Media is used to modify Calcium and Magnesium, so scale formation is virtually eliminated.


No Salt
No Salt Needed for ION Exchange process
















ETREATWCS System Capacities

Maximum continuous flow rate 12 gpm
Minimum pressure 15 PSI
Maximum pressure 125 PSI
Minimum operating temperature 34 F
Maximum operating temperature 120 F
Water pH range 6.0 to 9.0

Note: A five-micron pre-filter is recommended if sediment is present in the water.

Note: Failure to install the proper pretreatment will cause the scale prevention media to be ineffective.



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