Hero Whole House Water Treatment System 1.5 CuFt

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Your family deserves high quality water, so why not have the best designed system installed in your home? ✓ MADE IN THE USA

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Whole House Water Treatment System

Hero Premium Water Conditioning
Your family deserves high quality water, so why not have the best designed system installed in your home?

Clean, soft, chlorine-free water is essential to our health, good for our home and pets, and can actually save you money.

With the ever diminishing quality of today’s water supply, our mission is to provide your family with the most advanced water conditioning systems available.

Hero Benefits

  • Helps eliminate dry skin and scalp
  • Soft, silky, hardness free water
  • Cleaner, shinier dishes and silverware and scale-free plumbing fixtures
  • Makes cleaning easier, saves you money on soap and detergent
  • Eliminates water contaminants
  • Wash your vehicles and recreational toys with hardness free water to help eliminate spotting

Hero Features

Clack Control Valve: This valve is high quality and reliable, comes fully programmed, and ready for installation. Automatic, high efficiency, reduces waste water by 30%, and with a battery back up won’t lose programming, all the features you need.

  • Media 1: SNRF-CC Modified Reticulated Catalytic Carbon Cubes
    A modified reticulated catalytic carbon that has the ability to absorb the entire chloramine molecule at once, without the need to break the ammonia/chlorine bond first, while also reducing soluble lead. This creates a higher capacity and greater flow rate than traditional catalytics.
  • Media 2: 10% Crosslink Resin
    This resin has more intersections or strands “crosslinking”holding the beads together than standard 8% resin. This allows the resin bead to have greater strength and therefore a longer lifespan, sometimes double, than that of standard resin, especially when softening chlorinated water.
  • Media 3: High Density Garnet Media
    High hardness, high density filter media, effectively filters and provides a high quality media bed for this system.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty on the brine tank, resin tank, and valve body for a lifetime.

Hero System Capacities

1.5 CuFt Hero

48,000 Grain capacity, up to 15 GPM for a family of up to 6 people.

Depends on water usage and water quality conditions. Not intended for microbiologically unsafe or unknown water quality.
Disinfection may be required. This system is intended for treatment of municipal water, any other application requires a water
quality analysis for best results.

Hero System Specifications

Tank Size:  12″ X 52″

Weight 93 lbs

Height: 59″

Width: 28″

Depth: 18″

Inlet /Outlet:  1″


Weight93 lbs



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