Portable Water Softener 12K – Wide


12K Portable Water Softener – Wide

Is the perfect fit for any RV/Marine model, the Desert Mountain Water LLC Portable Standard Water Softener & Conditioner is one of the most compact and user-friendly softener/conditioner on the market!

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12K Portable Water Softener – Wide

The perfect fit for any RV/Marine model!

The Desert Mountain Water LLC. The Portable Double Standard Water Softener & Conditioner is one of the most compact and user-friendly softener/conditioners on the market!

This 6,000 grain unit is engineered for optimal functionality by combining premium features. The Portable Standard Water Softener & Conditioner offers extreme ease-of-use, improved water quality, and an overall performance that is easily relied on. It is easy-to-move and easy-to-store.

The Portable Soft Water System has a large-mouth opening for easy, mess-free salt addition. The brass 360° swivel on inlet high-flow shut-off control valve provides easy connection of inlet hose. Engineered to allow high flow rates with very low pressure drop. A high-pressure 4’ drinking hose. Regenerates with 1 box of common table salt in under 15 minutes, providing 600 plus gallons of soft water. Softened water helps prevent rust stains, avoid scale build-up, and expand lifespan of appliances. Great for lathering of soaps and improves rough/dry skin, taste, and odors.


Double Standard Water Softeners

The number of gallons a softener will approximately make depends on the hardness of the water source and your water usage. To figure out the approximate capacity of your unit, take the grains of the unit

Double Softener:

12,000 and divide that by the grains per gallon (GPG) of the water source.


Jane D.’s softener has a GPG of 11. She is interested in finding out the number of gallons a 12K Portable Water Softener will yield. She does the math:*

12,000 / 11 GPG = 1,090 gallons

*Softener capacities will vary depending on the actual grains per gallon.

If you go too long before performing the regeneration process, a few things could happen:

-your unit may not last very long

-after the regeneration process, the strips will not test between 0-2 GPG at the output of the softener. This can easily be corrected by performing a special regeneration process.


Weight38 lbs
Dimensions18 × 10 × 10 in


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