Desert Mountain Water LLC. is a full service and sales company.

We offer the following services;

Reverse Osmosis Services

      • Reverse Osmosis Filter Services (semi-annual and annual service)
      • Reverse Osmosis Maintenance

Soft Water Services

      • Soft Water System Inspections
      • Soft Water System Sanitizing (annual service)
      • Soft Water Salt Delivery

Water Conditioning Services

      • Water Conditioner Inspection

Water Heater Services

      • Water Heater Flush (Electric and Gas)
      • Water Heater Maintenance (Electric and Gas)
      • Water Heater Replacement (Electric and Gas)

Garbage Disposal Service

      • New Installations
      • Remove and Replacement

Faucet Service

      • Kitchen faucets remove and replace
      • Bathroom faucet remove and replace

Supply and Drains

      • Angle Stop Replacement
      • Dishwasher Drain Hose Replacement
      • P-Trap Replacement.

605290-5STAGE High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System-5STAGE High Effiency Reverse Osmosis System










32K Advanced Series