Water conditioners

Water conditioners provide an ideal solution for the mineral scale and chlorine that is commonly found in Arizona’s municipal water. These systems treat all of the water that comes in to your home without the need to replace salt or potassium like a traditional water softener.

the Watchman home water conditioner

The Watchman conditions your home’s water, helping to remove and prevent scale and filter out chlorine & chlorine byproducts. This system is salt-free, providing peace of mind without the need to maintain and replace salt. The Watchman treatment system is effective for dissolving and preventing scale and inhibiting corrosion, as well as reducing chlorine, chloramines, and chlorination by-products from your household water.

E-Treat® Water Conditioning Systems

Watts E-treat™ Water Conditioner

E-TREAT™ water conditioning systems use NO salt, consume NO water, require NO electricity, and provide great tasting, high quality, conditioned water to every tap in your house! This system has a Unique tank-in-tank design, with 2 .0 cuFt of activated carbon in the outer tank for chlorine taste and odor reduction, and anti-scale media in the inner tank.