Salt-free whole home water conditioners

Water conditioners provide an ideal solution for the mineral scale, chlorine, heavy metals, and chemicals that are commonly found in Arizona’s municipal water. These systems treat all of the water that comes in to your home without the need to replace salt or potassium like a traditional water softener.

Supernova Whole House Scale and Contaminant Removal

supernova – scale & chemical removal

The Supernova is a highly effective and eco-friendly, whole house water treatment system. The Supernova uses a multi-pole, multi-field, permanent magnetic water conditioner to affect the “ionic charge identity” of the CaCo and MgCo, making them remain suspended in the water rather than precipitate out as hard water scale. Removes chlorine, arsenic, pesticides, VOCs, and more!

Poseidon Whole house Water Treatment

poseidon – Iron removal

The Poseidon is a natural way to remove iron, rust coloring, metallic tastes, and foul odors from your water supply. This is an environmentally-friendly system that does not use chemicals or replacement filters. Water passes through a compressed air pocket where iron is oxidized naturally and removed by the filter media. It is then backwashed down the drain – giving you clean, iron-free water.

Whole House Water Treatment System

Watchman – Chlorine Removal

The Watchman conditions out chlorine & chlorine byproducts. This system is salt-free, providing peace of mind without the need to maintain and replace salt. As well as reducing chlorine, chloramines, and chlorination by-products from your household water, The Watchman treatment system is effective for reducing some scale and inhibiting corrosion.