Water Conditioner

Whole House Water Treatment system


The Watchman treatment system is effective for dissolving and preventing scale, and inhibiting corrosion. This system also reduces chlorine, chloramines, and chlorination by-products from your household water.

  • No more bad taste and smell associated with chlorine & its by-products
  • No salt, no chemicals, no on-going consumables
  • No more scale buildup from hard water deposits
  • Only the best, premium grade NSF certified medias
  • Five layer filtering leaves you with clean water for peace of mind

NO SALT Solution
Maintenance Free
Environmentally Conscious


The Watchman is a great, salt-free solution for your home’s water needs! This product is maintenance free and environmentally conscious. You can even drain the waste water to your garden for even further water savings!

five levels

of filtration

  • Level 1 Granular Activated Carbon
  • Level 2 Premium Catalytic Carbon
  • Level 3 Filter-AG Plus
  • Level 4 High Density Garnet Media
  • Level 5 Greenguard Anti-Scale Chamber
The Watchmen Whole house Water Treatment System


Clack Valves

This valve is high quality and reliable, comes fully programmed and ready for installation. It is an automatic, high efficiency valve that reduces waste water by 30%. Includes a battery backup that won’t lose programming in the event of a power outage. All the features you need!


With our inclusive, all-in-one system, the incoming water passes through the granular carbon & patented reticulated carbon cubes, removing or greatly reducing harmful chlorine and chloramines. The chlorine-free water than passes through the filtration bed, reducing particulate and scale. The media will last approximately 7-10 years under Arizona’s normal municipal water conditions.

SNRF-CC Modified Reticulated Catalytic Carbon Cubes

LEVEL 1 – Granular Activated Carbon
This NSF Certified acid washed GAC removes chlorine, gases, heavy metals, odors, tastes, drys, fuels, pollutants, disinfectants, pesticides, TTHM, sodium chloride and volatile organic contaminants (VOC).


SNRF-CC Modified Reticulated Catalytic Carbon Cubes

LEVEL 2 – Premium Catalytic High Activates Carbon
Premium quality HAC carbon reduces remaining chlorine and chloramines, removing taste and odor, giving long lasting fresh water. This media filters a wide ranges of PH levelers and adds a final polish to the fltered water.

LEVEL 3 – Filter-AG Plus
All natural, environmentally friendly, Filter-AG Plus has a larger, micro-porous surface area that minimizes suspended contaminates and turbidity. Highly efficient media, filtering down to 5 microns or less.

High Quality Gravel Media

LEVEL 4 – High Quality Gravel Media
High hardness, high density filter media, effectively filters and provides a high quality media bed for this system.

LEVEL 5 – Green Guard Anti Scale Chamber
Environmentally friendly way to control scale without salt. Transforms hardness minerals into crystal particles using template assisted crystallization (TAC) technology so hardness by-products are easily washed/wiped away.

**Depends on water usage and water quality conditions. Not intended for microbiologically unsafe or unknown water quality, Disinfection may be required. This system is intended for treatment of municipal water, any other application requires a water quality analysis for best results.

**The catalytic surface of the SP3 media pulls the calcium and magnesium ions into harmless “nano crystals” that are too small to
bond and form scale. These “nano crystals” also help break the grid structure of existing calcium, gradually removing existing scale
build-up until it is completely removed.

Intended for residential use only. Home water pressure can not exceed 80 PSI.

System Capacities

Typically recommended for a family of up to 4 people.

1,000,000 gallons lifetime capacity.

1 CuFt – 32,000 grain capacity.

Flow rates up to 6 GPM.

The media will last approximately 7-10 years.

Typically recommended for a family of up to 5 people.

1,5000,000 gallons lifetime capacity.

1 CuFt – 48,000 grain capacity.

Flow rates up to 9 GPM.

The media will last approximately 7-10 years.

Typically recommended for a family of 6 or more people.

2,000,000 gallons lifetime capacity.

1 CuFt – 64,000 grain capacity.

Flow rates up to 12 GPM.

The media will last approximately 7-10 years.

System Specifications
SystemTank SizeWeightHeightWidthDepthInlet/Outlet
1cuFt Watchman10′ x 54″74 lbs61″27″18″1″
1.5cuFt Watchman12′ x 52″93 lbs59″28″18″1″
2.0cuFt Watchman13 x 54″121 lbs61″29″18″1″