Watts E-TREAT™
Water Conditioner

Whole House Water Filtration System

salt-free WATER Filtration & CONDITIONING

E-TREAT™ water conditioning systems use NO salt, consume NO water, require NO electricity and provide great tasting, high quality, conditioned water to every tap in your house! The revolutionary, eco-friendly way to improve the water quality in your home. It’s a water conditioner and whole house water treatment system in one!

  • Salt-free, low maintenance water softener alternative.
  • Environmentally conscious, water-conserving system.
  • Provides great tasting, high quality water to every tap in your house.

NO SALT Solution
Maintenance Free
Environmentally Conscious


The Watts E-TREAT™ is a great, salt-free solution for your home’s water needs! This product is maintenance free and environmentally conscious. You can even drain the waste water to your garden for further water savings!