Watts E-TREAT™
Water Conditioner

Whole House Water Filtration System

salt-free scale & chlorine removal

E-TREAT™ water conditioning systems use Scale Net technology. This new tech requires NO salt, consumes NO water, requires NO electricity, and provides high quality, conditioned water to every tap in your house! The revolutionary, eco-friendly way to improve the water quality in your home. It’s a water conditioner and whole house water treatment system in one!

NO SALT Solution
Maintenance Free
Environmentally Conscious


The Watts E-TREAT™ is a great, salt-free solution for your home’s water needs! This product is maintenance free and environmentally conscious. You can even drain the waste water to your garden for further water savings!

E-Treat® Water Conditioning Systems

Tests lasting several years showed that the bonds cannot attach to any kind of surface and the result is a 100% scale prevention. Also other ions can no longer attach to surfaces because of the structure of the surface created by Scale Net. Because the ions are formed into stable bonds, the TDS is thus lowered. Please note that a TDS meter does not directly measure the total dissolved solids, but
rather the conductivity. It cannot distinguish between bonds and dissolved solids, therefore it is not suitable for this system.


With our inclusive, all-in-one system, the incoming water passes through the activated, removing or greatly reducing harmful chlorine and chloramines. The chlorine-free water then passes through the Scale Net media, resulting in ion-exchanged water.

SNRF-CC Modified Reticulated Catalytic Carbon Cubes

Carbon Chamber – Removes chlorine and chloramines, gases, heavy metals, odors, tastes, drys, fuels, pollutants, disinfectants, pesticides, TTHM, sodium chloride and volatile organic contaminants (VOCs.)

10% Crosslink Resin

Scale Net Media – The Scale Net reliably transforms the calcium ions into calcium bonds. These bonds are stable and cannot attach to surfaces, hardware, etc. The crystals are rinsed away by the water flow. The size of the bonds is so small that they can only be seen with a microscope. The effect is the same as if the water was completely free of calcium.

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